Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Teenager Story?

It has been suggested that I write something for the kids, or teenagers.  It may be a good thought, but I am afraid that asking me to write about the kids of today, or for the kids of today, would be like asking me to do a thesis on neuro-surgery.

It is a long time since I was a kid, well physically; I have been a bit of a kid most of my life, but that is my mind kid, not the up-to-date, muscle-fingered, mobile-phone-implanted teenager we see these days.

Even if I did have something to say to them, how do you get through the screen of technology surrounding them like a barb wire, land mined fence?

I wouldn't  have the mind to write the Potter yarns—I would scare the wits out of myself on the first page.

The language has changed, and I don't  have a kid-speak-spell checker on my 'pute yet.

The only things that I know about teenagers is that the terrible times that they have are still the same from my day.  Isn't that a lovely expression, 'in my day'?  I think so, but teenagers hate it.  Instead we hear, "I didn't ask to be born."  "Everyone hates me."  "I don't see why I should have to work when I can get the dole."  Although the last one was not around "In My Day."

How about the dress sense of our kids today—they all dress the same.  They can't tie shoelaces, they can't pull their pants up and they can't work out how to put a simple peak cap on their scruffy heads.
Their excuse: We don't want to conform to the oldies, we wanna'  all look the same as the other kids, so's we kin' be diff-net."

So, Me write for kids?  I hardly never say never, but in this case I might say, I will look into it.

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