Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Building Excitement

I  have completed the second book on the Tiger Williams series (There will be one more after this) and I am excited now that it is in the hands of my long suffering Publisher and Editor, Fiona Gatt.

I  have about 14 characters in the second book (No title yet) and they all link up to Rosemore, the property of the first novel. So it is suggested that if you wish to keep up with the three novels, you should buy the first one "The Life and Loves of Tiger Williams".

I am a 100 pages into the third novel, and then I will have to think of something else to write about, that is where you lot come in: Give comments on the Book if you want to, and suggest a theme for future use.


  1. The second novel is a sequel to the first but it brings in new characters and a more of the town of Longreach and also changes in social attitudes in the Outback in the 60s. That's what I really love about it - it really takes you back in time and gives you a sense of what it was like. There's drama and love and a great spirit to it. I'm really looking to finishing editing it and getting it out there for all to read.

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