Monday, February 2, 2015

A Mighty Move

Well folks, It looks like my famous writing career has come to an end, Oh! I can still write, but unless I mail the stories to you they will not appear in print.

My flash in the pan is lacking a publisher.   So, what.  I was never going to make a motza anyway, and was only happy that my ego could be stroked.

I love the Outback, I love Australia...Well the Australia I was born in, not this one we have now...I do not want to control people but I do not want to be with people that are out of control...Our soft gutted politicians will let the country be taken over by those that have no idea what he Australian ethic means to us oldies, and when the ethic is completely gone, the ones that changed it will complain more.

We Aussies wont change anything, we are too complacent, and we were happy with the country, and we are too bloody slow to stop the rot.

If you reckon that Gallipoli was a big Churchill blunder, and it was, wait until the full repercussions of our immigrations policy, and the complete failure of the Multi-cultural concept , which is only a blind to hide the truth, causes the chaos it is heading for.

I might write a blog from Taiwan, I have an urge to live out the last days of my life in a different country as a foreigner, so I can try to change the country to what I came from.  Surely Taiwan  had an Outback.

Maybe if I get an old wooden boat and set sail for the Island, I  will be greeted with open arms and given a few thousand dollars to set up, hey?

If you try to get a carer in this country, the per-requesite  is  "How much does it pay"...From what I have seen of the Taiwanese people caring is a natural ability.

Am I sad? No.  Am I disillusioned? No, been around too long for that.  Am I disappointed about no books?  You bet, I have a lot of stories in me yet.

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