Saturday, May 25, 2013

For those that know the feeling

There is no greater gift than the one that freely comes
To give your love, and receive in return the same
To feel the warmth and comfort of your companion
The melding of heart and body, the exquisite pain
The joy of knowing the thrill of finding the magic
Soft caresses, the gentle touch, the passionate kiss
Neither man nor woman should pass this life alone
No soul on earth should be deprived of this
The early rush, the heady lust, the excitement
The subtle change where words are not needed
Feeling a oneness, a fulfilment of bonding hearts
Where the casual eye, the gentle touch is now heeded
A look that others see and they smile knowingly
Holding hands on a long and happy walk in the rain
Laughing together at things you once never saw
Not feeling, weariness or at times, any pain
This joyful love conquers the ills of the world
It causes differences to fade, selfishness die
It changes the very meaning of your life's existence
It brightly colours things that we see with the inner eye
Once you have felt this love it never goes away
Although partnerships dissolves for whatever reason
One strong, passionate love is always in your mind to recall
Your personal shield against a bitter lonely season

1 comment:

  1. Thats so touching Pete.. and so beautiful! never stop writing as you sure have that special gift..