Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So Lucky for an Old Bloke

I am really amazed at this whirlwind spiral from a non-published writer to being able to feed my ego on the wonderful cover of my very own book.

'The Loves and Adventures of Tiger Williams' has been a long road, a road with many personal feelings and recollections of events, many of which are not in the book, but were evoked during the compilation of the fictional version.

Fiona Gatt, my Publisher at MetaPlume hit the Outback atmosphere nail right on the head with the cover of this story. The colours are the perfect depiction of the Outback at that time of the evening.

The sillouette of the loving couple and the dog are in perfect unison with the story, and the mystery of why "Tiger Williams" will hopefully create that curiosity of those that like a good yarn.

Fiona, I dip's me' lid to ya' girl.

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