Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nothing wrong with a good ego

It is good to have a bit of an ego, but it is 'more gooda' to have something that boosts that ego.

'The Outback Story, Life and Loves of Tiger Williams' has gone to #3 on the best seller list on Amazon. Now that is what I call a boost, yep, sure do!

I am working on two more stories; one is a follow on to Tiger Williams, and the characters are already establishing their part in the story. Another yarn, for teenagers, did not come easy to this old bugga, as it is a long time since I was of the age; however, now that I am in the swing of it, I am enjoying trying to think what the kids would like to read.

Any author is nothing without readers, because even if I do write the stories, it is you people that read those stories that make me proud ... and, I kid you not, rich.

You keep reading folks, and I will keep trying to entertain you.

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