Saturday, November 23, 2013


There are twenty of the worlds monitor lizards in Australia.  They range, in  size, from about 150mm  in  length to the large 180mm Outback Lizard.  I took the average, as different sites give different numbers.

The habitat of the goanna is all over this continent, and are timid animals that will run up a tree, hollow log, or just away as fast as it can on the sight of a human or other predator.

The goanna will usually run on all fours, but if in a big hurry will get up on its hind legs and sprint off much faster than any human can run.

If you  happen to encounter a goanna in country that is devoid of trees or hollows the goanna is not beyond picking the highest point to scale, which of course, is the person that scares them.  Considering that the outback goanna will grow to more than two meters, has long sharp climbing claws, and a shockingly bad breath, it becomes more  than an experience to remove the beast.  The best way is to lie down on the ground, but you have probably accomplished this well before you think about it.

Monitors are also the Komodo Dragon, but it is only our crocodiles that grow to that size and larger.

I should mention we do not have Komodo Dragons here.  They are large, ugly, hungry, useless beings...Hang on, we do, but we call them politicians.

The colour and the sizes of the Goanna is varied, and apart from raiding the hen house for eggs, they do not pose much of a treat to humans.

Try this site.

There is something else I would like to share with you: Goannas are friendly creatures, especially if they think they are getting a free feed.  Many camp sites have the local goanna that allows the camper to set up, open food supplies, check out those food supplies and then invites itself to dinner.

The average camper, average, I say, should think that  the goanna's first approach is 'cute', they will then learn that cute has a different definition.

I used to go camping on the Nymboydia River, up near a place called Buccarumbie, with a few mates and a few slabs, and a tent and stuff.

The resident goanna came down shortly after we snapped the pull top out of the first tinnie, and hung around waiting for the campfire to be lit up.

We devised a game, which included our resident camp mate, which consisted of  holding a stick of celery in your mouth and get down on all fours, holding the celery stick towards to said Goanna.

The one that came out with the shortest bit of celery in their mouth, amongst the humans, was declared the winner Dan was given another tinnie.

I got down to two inches of celery left, but I didn't win.  Joe was declared the winner as he had no celery left, but he did have a rather ugly looking bite on his lip.

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