Thursday, November 14, 2013

Movement at the Station

There was movement at the station for the word had got around
That the book from Old Pete had got a start
The sequel to Tiger Williams A fast and sprightly yarn' was out the gate again.
The editor has taken charge, with a beating in her heart.
And Old Pete is ever hopeful that there are those this book will entertain.....

With sincere apologies to "Banjo" and his Man from Snowy River, where the same excitement that his story evokes is in my rickety old bones again.

So far, the title will be from "Lotuses to Lignum", and an entirely new character is introduced. His journey takes him to Rosemore, the home of the Loveable Lindy (nee) Baker and "Tiger Williams.

Alan Baker, his childhood sweetheart, Becky, Mum and Dad Baker Lindy and Steve and "little Stevie" will be there to tell you their stories.

There lives entertwine,  loves are formed, and lost and Rosemore reaches another milestone in its Dynasty.

<<<<<<Longreach.   Rosemore Station>>>>>>>

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