Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sagarious Sayings...Fair Dinkum

If all the not smart people in the world were as half as smart as the smart people think they are we would all be as smart as each other...By half.

If you wish to let someone know how you are, when they ask:  Simply reply, Not bad in patches, a bit rough around the edges but still above ground.. It will usually suffice.

How can one possible answer the question: Have you lived here all your  life?  If you had you would not be there to answer, Right?  So, Not yet, is the only appropriate reply.

Being abusive to someone using their mobile phone in a check out line is not the best way to go, not when a good smack on the back of the head will suffice.

If someone should ask me "How is it, Old Pete, that you are so wise and clever?" I will think about the answer carefully, in case someone asks.

If one limits oneself to ones limits you will only have a limited amount of success.

You never know how much you know until someone asks you a question, and only then if you  answer correctly. But then again, at least, then if you don't answer correctly, you will know that there is something that you don't know.  You will notice that I only apply this to you, and not myself, which is a survival gimmick.

Wisdom is not a gift to the aged, it is a  hard earned commodity that is often mistaken as intrusiveness, by the young.

Understanding women is easy: I will publish the answer as soon as someone sends it to me.

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