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Adventures Part 15

Adventures Part 15.

Marrakorpa and his delectable bride, The Elk, met up in the Birdsville Pub one race day . Marra could not take his eyes of The Elks blue singlet, her ample bosoms hanging like two fully filled potato sacks, only a bit smother, her khaki Bombay bloomer shorts revealing nothing of the figure that lay beneath, or hid beneath, and the eye catching Bloodstone boots, which every discerning maiden of the Outback will wear on almost most occasions mostly. The only time they are not worn is when in bed with a delicate man, or, of course, at mother's place, for those that actually had a mother, or could remember where she might be at, at any particular time.

The Elk had found a creek, which instead of pebbles, had gold nuggets strewn about like someone had strewn them about, and around on the ground, well the bed of the creek ifn' ya' wanna be pedantic.. Elk, of course, kept looking for a pebble to use in her slingshot so that she could pop of a decent sized goanna for supper. It wasn't until some time later that the Elk just had to use a gold nugget, of which she put several in her pocket for later shots at the local wild life.

In the Birdsville Pub, The Elk dug in her pocket for some small change to buy herself a cool jug of beer, but could only find the nuggets, these she plonked on the bar and asked the publican if they were worth the price of a beer.

“Elk,” Said the publican, “You could get well and truly drunk on these little bits of gold.”

“Yeah!, wot do I do swallow them whole or wot?”

“Na! Elk, they are gold, and gold is good barter anywhere in the world,” The kindly publican told her,” Just keep drinking and I'll tell ya' when ya' run out.”

It was at this time that Marrakorpa fell in love with the Elk, not because of the gold, nay verily, it was the pure essence of the Elk, and the aroma had something to do with it as well. A close encounter with The Elk would bring to the nose a faint stench of the feral pig, mixed with the erotic aroma of a camel's arm pit.

As it turned out, the creek full of nuggets would remain The Elks secret, and would provide her with all the spending money she needed for the rest of her life, and as it turned out, for the rest of Marrakorpa's life as well.

The happy pair, twosome, couple or whatever decided to build themselves, and I mean themselves, a homestead in the Territory, as this is where they had often travelled in their youth when they were younger than they are now, not that they are old or nothing, just they are not youths any more, having shed their youthdom as they aged to being older, but whatever you do don't call them youthless.

Marrakorpa and The Elk searched the country side for rocks, as it was their bane to build a house of stone upon sand. After carrying about thirty tons of this heavy material to the home site, Marrakorpa, AKA Marra started the construction whilst the bride went for more rocks and a couple of pockets full of gold nuggets.

After a year they had what resembled an underground cave, only it was above ground, and with the other recruitments, like the swimming pool builders, the lawn suppliers and the landscape gardeners that the nuggets flew in on regular working parties, along with a few Hercules cargo planes of bits and pieces the place started to become the talk of the neighbourhood, even if the closest neighbour was three-hundred miles to the west, but he was a bit of a chatterer, so he talked about the place to himself mainly.

So, headed the intrepid travellers who approached from the South East, according to Old Pete, but from some other direction according to navigational positioning was concerned.

It was the likes of Old Pete that coined the phrase “Dead Reckoning”, as anyone who used it was usually found dead in the desert because they reckoned they knew where they were going. No, that's being unkind to the Old Fella, I mean he has to the girls to where they are now, which will be revealed at the next “You Are Here” sign.

Reddie was a tad annoyed at being the last one to camp of an evening, what with the speed of the V8 camels and the speed, if you could call it that, of the VW Combi, so the kindly Old Pete let Reddie ride his camel on a few days and he drove the Combi,. Wasn't that sweet of us, I say us because we are two of a kind, kind of kind, and considerate, and of course, modest as modest is.

Once Reddie realised the camel would make her sea sick, hence the ships of the desert, she lamented loudly, lavishing long and laborious laments located liberally towards Old Pete, the desert, the lack of concern from Heidi and less from the camels.

“Oh! Alack and Alas, Woe is me, wot for art thou sufferance but the toil of my endeavours, the lament of my soul, the curse of my existence, the bane of my being, and such and so on and so on.”

“Aren't you happy any more, My love?” asked Old Pete.

“What gave you that idea? I am thrilled to the boot tops, or would be if I was wearing boots instead of these sand shoes, but they never had any sand boots, so that's the way the gravel crunches.”

“One more day, by my reckoning, and we will be beside the large pool, sipping mint Tulips and Sliced slimes.” Consoled the Old bloke.

“By your reckoning? Oh! Joy.” Answered Reddie in a rather redolent manner, as it was a stinking thing to say.

However, (Ah! I thought you had deserted me), Old Pete's reckoning proved correct this time, as it was aided by the sight of the large tower that adorned the Marrakorpa and Elk mansion, just a days ride from whence it would take about a day to cover the distance between where one would be if they were a days ride from the place.

What intriguing matters will occur on the arrival of the travellers. What new adventures shall they enjoy. What, what, I ask you, just what?

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