Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hearing Organs of Cockroaches

I discovered, as a kid, that cockroaches hear through their legs.  I did not consider myself to be an entyomologist, which is an apt name for this particular science.  Entymology means to cut apart, or discect, hence the study of cockroackes.

Back to this creatures hearing organs.  My science began with obtaining a large flying cockroach, placing it in a re-catchable area and making a loud noise in its vicinity, naturally, the critter took off in a scurry of legs and a mild flutter of wings.

The next step was to remove all its legs, place it in a re-catchable area, just in case, and make a loud noise in its vicinity.

I kept notes of the scientific experiment, and I added my conclusion that cockroaches hear through their legs, determined by that fact that it did not scurry off, thus it is deaf without legs.

I did want to try this experiment on my brother's pet rabbit, but the family thought that I had proved my point and should leave it at that.

I gave up entomoligical pursuits and took up etymology instead.

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