Monday, June 10, 2013

Q&A with Peter Rake on Book Goodies

Ever wondered how Pete comes up with the stories he does? What's his writing process? Does he talk to his characters? Find out in this interview on

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  1. I have just re-read the interview, and there are some changes needed: When I left Queensland I went to Sydney, but only for a very short time. I still had gum trees and goannas in my blood, and I also had completed a trade course, so I moved to Coffs Harbour, on the North Coast of NSW.

    At one stage, just after the first novel was published, it looked as though the wheels were going to fall off my writing career. The wonderful Fiona Gatt, who did the editing and publishing of "Tiger Williams" was being stuffed around by her backers, Metaplume, and things looked bleak as it is too expensive to try publishing, and making money, for just one writer or one book.

    With a lot of consideration, and a lot of hope, Fiona Gatt decided to go it alone, and to support me in my future writings. My appreciation of this is not easy to put into words, other than to say, Thank you mate, ya' dun' good.

    The sequel to the first novel, The Life and loves of Tiger Williams, had a working title of FREDA, we changed that for the purpose of a better explanation of the content of the book. It seemed to have worked.

    Fiona is trying really hard to get the second book out by Easter 2015, but she is also trying to support her family, so there is that priority to get a round.

    The third book, working title "From whence they came" is into its 220 page and growing, but it explains the beginning of the Baker Dynasty from back in Dorset England. The ocean voyage to South Australia in 1843 and the day to day adventures of Charles Bevan Baker, the Great Grandfather of the patriarch of Rosemore of the first book, Alan Baker.

    I love this third book, not because it is a masterpiece of writing but because it is in an era that was the creation of the Outback in Australia, the enigma of when the Frontier became the Outback.

    It is a hard road to get published, and I feel singularly blessed for having Fiona Gatt to support me. Had her support been withdrawn, I would have slid back into writing bits of stuff for my own entertainment.