Sunday, June 16, 2013

Really Fair Dinkum Stuff ... a bit more of a bit more

I 'spose that you are the type of personage that wants me to spell everything real proper. Okay, I'm sorry about the last attempt at 'Fiar'...Ya' didn't notice, Well! That'll do me.

Anyrate, I'm here to pass on some more about little Brucie Clermont Forterskew. There is nothing wrong in a little bit of littleness in someone that is not very towards the largish size, is there?

Brucie, has an uncle that was very fond of his little nephew. Flash Fred Forterskew the ferret f...f...fancier of the far western table lands in the downs country often took young Buricie out with him when he was rabbit hunting, when the rabbits were bad. Big bad ugly and very angry rabbits can play hell and heaps of havoc on ferrets, I am told.

So, when the ferrets balked at going down the hole, Flash Fred would call Brucie over and send him down to fetch the ferrets and to move the buck rabbits out of the hole, where flash Fred had Rodger a rough looking hound dawg that would put his front paw on a rabbit and hold it down until Flash Fred clouted it with a hard wood club. Well the dawg wouldn't let go the rabbit if he didn't give it a decent clout.

All right, I asked the same question me'sef', why didn't Flash Fred Forterskew the ferret f...f...fella' send little Brucie down the hole in the first place and save all this story tellin'?

Think about it; you know what kids are like with little furry bunnies. Brucie, like any kid, would stay down the hole for hours playing with the litters of kittens, which suprised me 'cause I thought they were after rabbits, not cats.

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