Thursday, June 13, 2013

Really Fiar Dinkum Stuff...a bit more

Eventually, so I am told by my very reliable bloke, wot tells me things that I rely on to be fair dinkum, but not eventually does  he tell me but apparently, eventually young Forterskew finds a horse that he can actually  sit on, and wot's more, he can get onto by his'sef.

However, just as he was ready to gallop off to go mustering the ckooks in the chook pen,  the station carpenter comes up and takes the horse out from under the jackaroo, as it appears that he needs it to saw some timber on.  Usually the chippie is a chipper chappie, except when some sprout comes and leads  his saw horses off to chase chickens with.

Looks like another day in the saddle, for Forterskew...Sorry, saddle bag, I meant!

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