Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Amazing, and thank You

It is most amazing for me that I have people reading the manic machinations of a fragment of my imagination. I realize that  the usual interpretation of that phrase is a figment of my imagination, but, then again, who amongst you will say that I am either interpreted or usual? Many will say that I am fragmented, Just ask my publisher.

I enjoy what I do, if nothing else it gives me typing practice, and apart form a few inherent typos, I  have bettered my past search and destroy by a 88% accuracy.  No! Don't cheer, do not get emotional on me, or near me, as I have already explained that my altered ego, Old Pete, cannot handle too much emotion.

I have seen the reader count on the Adventures,  and it only emphasizes my original opinion that there are many seriously mentally ill people in the world.

However, (how could I depart this without a , However?)  Could you please ask your carers if you could borrow a  pencil to make some comment on the Adventures.  I am sure that if your carers really care, they might even spell, "Magnificent"  for you, or some other words that may give your sense of appreciation.

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