Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Great Aussie Reads For Australia Day

From the desk of Pete's publisher ...

There are so many different Australian stories. One of the "classic" angles of Australian life, that carries with it themes of endurance, mateship and respect for the land - themes that break down barriers between the vast Australian experience - is that of the Outback tale. This Australia Day, 26th January, treat yourself to an afternoon reading of a story by Peter Rake.

My personal recommendation would be to inject a bit of humor into your afternoon with 'Notty: Targaroo's Disgrace Bar-fly, bludger and sneak-thief turned unlikely hero'. This is a cheeky tale about a town's no-hoper turning good just when it counts - or as good as he can manage anyway. Although there's nothing terribly outlandish in it, it's not one for kids, so if you want an Australian story that the whole family can enjoy, try 'The Coachman' which is the perfect length to read out loud to a small crowd as your Australia Day BBQ feast settles in ... or as you nod to the occasion from across the seas.

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