Friday, January 4, 2013

The other side



Is it possible to think of nothing?

Does nothing exist? and if yes, where does it abide?

Again, if yes, what existed before nothing?

Can nothing ever be again, considering all the something that has happened?

Reality is that science that destroys the mind of man, for man's mind is directed by the mind of man, which does not exist in line with reality.

According to the mind of man if one could travel a twice the speed of light, one could travel to the moon and back and shake hands with yourself before you left, given a few moments for a quick hand shake.

What is the opposite to black? if you have an answer to that, what is the opposite to puce?

If one is reincarnated after death, what did the first incarnate reincarnate to?

If you think that you are insane, the probable chances of your being correct are very limited. For one, an insane person would not have the mental stability to know the difference. This is based on very sound scientific principles that state that probability is not a mathematical equation, only scientific mathematical equations are probable, therefore the probability of chance is not scientific, nor provable using scientific probability.

The above statement is proof of its own determination, and if you think you are insane, without scientific backing, and you continue to believe that you are, in fact, insane, the equation is then balanced in your favour. Science is like that.

Not everyone believes the same thing. This is a misnomer, as everyone believes that not everyone believes the same thing.

If you describe something as 'the best thing since sliced bread' do you make that comparison by explaining what the best thing was before sliced bread.

It is something that is the bane of mankind in a democracy, that no matter who you vote for you will be voting for a politician.

At politician school they are taught that if they can't think of something to say, just say anything. And do, often.

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