Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Me as Some Other

I used to travel Cyber Space, or if you prefer, the Internet, as Marakorpa.  Marakorpa has had a bit written about him here and there, so I will tell you who he is, or isn't as the case may be.

Well, Marakorpa is no one really, just a name I assumed.  Marakorpa is a name from a Tasmanian dialect among the Aboriginals.  Marakorpa means handsome man, so it is obvious why I picked that name, hey? All right, you are welcome to your opinion.

I am neither Aboriginal nor Tasmanian, which means that I am misrepresented twice out of three, as I am a man.

However, it is not a crime to assume names for the purpose of forums, writing fiction, talking to the Police, your girlfriend, maybe your father, even, but never your Mum ... they always find out when you are fibbing.

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