Monday, August 20, 2012

New story

I am really into a new story, a story that is not my traditional Outback yarn, but a complete release of my imagination 'bone'.

The characters are taking on an 'appearance', which helps to put them in catagories in my head.  I love choosing names for my people, odd names, but names that will give me a place to slot them into as the story unfolds and develops a purpose.

I have a New South Wales high ranking Police Officer by the name of Andy Mann. Andy is heard to say in the story, and is reported in this manner,
"Who stole ya' ute?" Andy Mann demanded in a manly but mean manner.

We have Chief Inspector Jim Gentle, who is ironically known as Gentle Jim. A knife expert, also a Police Officer of high rank, called Blade Cutter, and an often pestered Officer who's name just happens to be Bill Poster.

So, folk, you can see that this new story is a rare experience for me in that it is fiction, but really, I mean, really serious stuff.

It is a bit rude, and it worries me 'cause my sweet Fiona will have to edit it, and there is lots of IT in the yarn.

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