Saturday, October 6, 2012

Must Be Dreaming

Dream On

In my dreams I am tall and handsome, Adonis, a fellow dreamer's word
I like who I am, in my dreams, and it does not swell my head.
I am as modest as a perfect man can be, a rooster if I was a bird.
In my dreams I drive a fabulous car, deep throated engine noise, I hear.
White upholstery, forever clean, beckons to maidens on the walkways,
And I give a casual wave, and they swoon seeing me so near.
In my dreams, everyone feels blessed by my presence, I do nothing wrong,
If asked I will recite a Shakesperian verse, do a scene from some film.
Dance like Old Fred, fight a duel for some lady's honour, or sing a love song.
I met a beautiful lady, in my dreams, blonde, blue eyes sent signal beam
For once my heart beat a little faster, could this be true love, I hoped.
Come walk with me, dear lady,” I spoke “Come walk by yonder stream.”

In your dreams, sport,” she said.

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