Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Not yet named

I have just finished the first draft of a 48800 word novel.  It has murder, corrupt police, two transvestites, love, sex, romance, odd situations and has our Hero of Tagaroo, Notty, involved in another episode of his life.

I even involve the KGB and some Russian agents.

I love the names that come to mind when I am writing like this: Shark Butcher, Teddy (the Toad) Kane, are just a couple of the characters.

It is written with much humor, and although the murders and sex are a bit graphic, I am sure you will get a laugh on the events as I describe them.

It may be some time before it hits the 'stands' so hang around, or put in pre-orders and give my publisher some more heartache.

This is an update on this yarn: After a bit of a think I came up with a name: "Shark and Other Fishy Creatures".

A funny title, I know, but the story is written with fun in mind, and a bit of horror, and a little slice of romance and that other stuff.

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