Wednesday, December 5, 2012

An update from Pete's publisher - 2 more coming soon

With his earlier publications this year of four short stories, Peter Rake is set to see out the year with a good half-dozen available on Amazon. The final touches are just being made to two more great reads from Peter, ‘The Coachman’ and ‘Arthur’. To wet your appetite, here are the first four sentences from each:

From ‘The Coachman’:
The boy ran into the house, shirt tail hanging loose from his school-grey trousers. ”Hi mum,” then straight to his bedroom at the end of the hall. He recovered the canvas bag that was buried amongst all the other stuff at the bottom of his wardrobe and emptied the contents onto the cover on the bed. Leftovers from his last outing fell in a bunch, and he looked at the pile trying to remember why he had bothered to pack such items.

From ‘Arthur’:
The Outback can do strange things to some folk, but that is fair as people do some strange and nasty things to the Outback. The harsh climate, the flies, millions of flies, constantly flies, droughts, floods and bush-fires seem to take their toll on those that lack the pioneer spirit. Arthur Brian Bonfield was just one of the non-copers. A shearer, not a gun shearer, but a handy shearer that could end up with a fair check at the end of a shed if he applied himself.

Watch out for these great reads on Amazon soon.

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