Tuesday, April 30, 2013

And he named it THE Outback Story ...

Ok, finally, it's time to make a hoohaa and a song and dance because Peter Rake's debut novel is now fully listed on Amazon as being available as an eBook and in paperback. What delight, what joy, for a newly published author to hold a physical copy their novel in their own hands. Even though in reality it will sell more in eBook format, I know that Old Pete, as he quite likes to be called, is in love with the idea of seeing his novel in print ... with ink on paper.

Well, you've done it. It's out. Congratulations. And guess what everyone? While I was busy editing and formatting and publishing 'The Outback Story - The Loves and Adventures of 'Tiger' Williams', Pete has written about one and a half other novels!

Grab a copy now of this wonderful Australian tale. There's nothing like it on Amazon. This is romance, adventure, grit, wit and a unique Australian voice that derives the detail from first hand experience and the plot from a vibrant imagination. Enjoy ...

Fiona Gatt, Pete's editor/published (www.metaplume.com)

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  1. This is wonderful News Old Pete.. and I`ll be sure to read your story.. keep up the good works I always knew you were a good story teller by previous stories and yarns you posted .. great achievement.. good on ya !