Thursday, April 11, 2013

Blow Flies

Australia is renowned for the "Aussie Salute', chasing flies from the face,  or the meat pie that has captured a couple of flies in the tomato sauce, and I  guess the  corks hanging from a hat is another indication of these pests.  Ya' know, I have never seen anyone wearing a hat with corks hanging from the brim, but then again, I ain't seen everthing, yet.

I have seen the masses of blue blow fly, and I have been repulsed at the distruction it causes in the sheep industry.  The agony that the poor, long suffering Merino will go through before the agony, the pain that causes a lack of hunger unitl death takes the poor animal out of its terror.

One blow fly will produce about 300 eggs at one laying, and at 21 days after that another adult fly will be developed and produce another 300 eggs  that is 5214.285714286 new blowies per two blowies in an average year, give or take a 'swat' or two.

I am no Albert Shoeshine, but I reckon that is a lot of blowies, unless me' calc' is runing up the wrong figures. But you gotta remember that is if we start with just two blowies in the first place, and all you have to do is hang a dead fish on your verandah and you will see that there is more than two around.

So, what am I on about? I'll tell ya'.  I live in suburbia, which is in the suburbs of a city that has areas known as suburbia.  I used to live in the hinter land, but most Hinter Councils don't care what blowies do, So I decided to move to the suburbs of some city that has an even less concern for blowies,  hoping that if I practice the same attitude of the local council - not caring, or ignoring- then the blowies will not exist, if'n ya' know what I mean.

I  did live in the Outback, but if you complained about the blowie out there you would be told, "Mate, this is the Outback, what do you expect?", So being a fairly sensible bloke, I didn't compain, well not too much, at any rate. The other trouble you had with complaining, you had to open your mouth to do so.  A blow fly, at full speed hitting your tonsils  is not a pleasant thing...Am I wrong?

Back to suburbia, and the reason why I started this chat in the first place.  I went out to Bunnings, which will one day become as much an expression as bogan, or Yobbo or Bloody Boaties, and I bought one of them fly catchers where you put some smelly stuff in, and hang on the back verandah.

I tell ya' the first week, I emptied the container twice, and guessing on the amount of blowies, and that is all that went  in, I reckoned I had assainated about 500 to a 1000 or so,  plus their pups, or whatever they are called, of the amount that we had calculated for the Albert Boganstein exercise...Am I wrong?

All right, blowflies do reduce a carcase in a rapid time, but come on, do we need the amount of blowies that are arguing  over a scrap of meat on your sandwich, or kicking tomato sauce in your face, or the most disgusting thing of all, landing in your schooner of cold beer just as you take a big gulp?

The blowie is the beaurachy of the insect world, there is more public servants than there is work for them to do, so how about we concentrate on killing a few off...Blowies, I mean.  Public Servants just die of boredom, so I am told.

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