Thursday, April 11, 2013

Now being worked on by my wacky mind

The lucky ones that have read 'Notty: Targaroo's Disgrace Bar-fly, bludger and sneak-thief turned unlikely hero' will know who George is. They will not know that soon after those events he became ensconsed in a forest on the NSW coast.

What mischief did he get up to? The book "SHARK BUTCHER", now being worked on by my wacky mind, will reveal all.

We have crime, two transvestite KGB agents, heaps of gratuitous sex, vicious murders, and one murder that you will all cheer about. And hopefully you will get some laughs through the story.

Keep your eyes peeled!

Here is just a littel bit:

In the two years that George had been gone from Targaroo, he had spent eighteen months in his new forest home. Like the Australian nomads of the past he camped light and left no, or very little, sign of his whereabouts.

George had befriended many of the forest creatures that would not scatter at his nearness, and who gave him more ability to roam unnoticed should any human happen to be in the area.

One such friend was a red-bellied black snake that George had found when it was a very small reptile, but now had grown considerably.

This snake he called Martha, and felt that no better name could be bestowed on a lowly creature of the forest.

Martha would travel with George on his wanderings, wrapped around George's neck and licking the air to take in different smells. George had come to 'read' the signs from Martha, and at times she had warned him of the presence of human activity.

George "Notty" Wormwood had become an accomplished bushman in the last year and a half. His need to seclude himself from humanity arose from the many rebuffs that he had in the last days at Targaroo. So called friends soon departed when they found out that Martha, his fat wife, controlled George's money, which forced him to revert to his old bar change stealing.

No thought of heroic deeds came to George's mind as he lay hidden near the clearing of 'torture'. Martha the snake, or other snake, as he often thought of her as, lay about his neck and licked the air as they watched humans at play.

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  1. This story was not continued because of lack of access to a publisher.