Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fingers in Idle, Imagination in top gear.

 There I was, sitting at the 'pute.  I had my teenager story out called Bogan's Heroes  and my fingers were playing with my imagination....Then Wham! you wouldn't beleive what happened next, but I can tell you that  Bogan's Heroes have turned in a dramatic direction.

The Shock to Wally Bogan, the main Character, was something of a shock, not a shock of the electrical shock kind but a shock none-the-less.  He, and I must admit,
I myself, did not expect this unexpected turn of events.  That is what
happens when you let your fingers just stand in idle, the next thing you
know they are off with a burst of reverberation colliding with whatever
comes  into their path, until they get some message from the department
of Imagination and Unexpectedness. 

It might give you an idea of why I like writing fiction. Sometimes flashes of storyline just appear, eespecially if I am really into what story I am telling.

There were times, when I was a teenager in Queensland, and there was not much intellectual
stimulus around, and  one would read the square cuts of newspaper on the nail in the drop-dunny, or when doing a bit of boundry riding, all the writing  on a Golden Syrup or jam can.  When all that vital reading material ran out,  one would contemplate the navel and  things of the mind,  the imagination, the truth of life with more imagination. So, I have had plenty of exercise at toying with my mind and, funnily enough, we get on reasonably well together.

We are at the exciting stage of about to release my early novel, now named The Outback Story - The Loves and adventures of 'Tiger' Williams, then Shark Butcher, a bad, bad storyof corruption, gratuitious sex, murder and intrigue, and then  Bogan's Heroes.  Keep an eye out.

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  1. hi Peter we had such a great chat at work the other day about your upcoming books and you suggested I check out your blog! Glad I did! Love it! I cannot wait to see them come to life!