Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jist Me or if you prefer Just me


Who are ya' he sez, I mean who do you think you are?
I is me, sez I, I mean I is wot I is, wot ever that is.
Gimme' a bit more, he sez, explain, Ifn' ya know 'ow.
I know 'ow, I just don't know why you would even care.

Try me, sez he, a persistent sort of bloke he is, is he.
So I pull up a stump, have a sip from me' pannikin of brew
And I start to think on the question, Of who I is, or wot.
I know wot I want, to write real proper, ya' see, that's me.

I use me' imagination bone as much as me ' mind will let,
And the folk wot bounce around me' 'ead are me mates, like.
I get to know their names, and wot they look like in the face
I get to talk to 'em, and that is how I am, and often like to get.

But ya' won't get no genius, nor a great mind full of edification,
Ya' wont get a fancy pants wot dresses like a rooster in season
And you wont get someone wot tells ya' wot ya' wanna 'ere
Cause that is not 'me , ya' see, I got no social sophistication.

So, wot I am, I am, and that can be almost anyone, it seems.
I try to be 'onest, I try to be kind, I try lots of things, ya' see.
But most of all, and this is the fair Dinkum truth of it.
I am always the best darn bloke in me' night time dreams.

And that's all that matters.

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