Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Book

I even get excited about the book, THE BOOK.  This is a novel that I started writing in 1988. After a few chapters I realised the the first person narrative did not suit the story - too many verticle pronouns. So, I went to another method, third person narrative and this seemed to suit my needs. I could then say things about what the characters were thinking, and things that they intended to do, without it seeming that I could see into the future.

Here we are 25 years down the track, and THE BOOK is about to be released. I had almost given up on having it published, mainly because I did not want to edit the story too much, and this is against the rules for writers. One must follow Mark Twain's suggestion and follow the three rules for writers: edit, edit and edit.

The story was put away at times, and after months, and in some cases, years, I would bring it out and edit a bit more.

It was not until the very loveable person known to me as Fiona Gatt, the publisher for MetaPlume, took the story on and showed me more confidence than I had myself in publishing this Adventurious Love story.

Fiona will give it a write up in her memorable style, so please keep your eye out so that I may be inspired to give out more of life in Australia, taken from the 75 years that I have been here.

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